Pro Makeup Course

The aim of the course is to provide you with the knowledge and skills required for a career as a professional makeup artist or as a keen hobbyist. This is an up-to-date and comprehensive course covering every aspect of makeup artistry. One-on-one instructions with professional Makeup Artist who are directly involved to share her knowledge and skills.
Our Professional Makeup Artist Certification will teach you the key theoretical and practical skills to work as a makeup artist for all occasions, including formal occasions, bridal make up, cut crease, Smokey eye or even on set for the fashion and entertainment industry!
Smokey eye or even on set for the fashion and entertainment industry! Make up artistry services are constantly in high demand, and you can take advantage of this ever-increasing popularity. With our Make Up Artistry Certificate
Your training will be delivered in studio with all theoretical and practical aspects 🫶🏼
Professional Makeup Artistry Course is designed to be self-paced.
1 theoretical 2 practical classes in a week
However, many students Prefer morning to complete because of family or work commitments.

$1500/ month

$500 additional if you want Shelly to build Basic kit to start which include the brush kit along

DAY for theoretical days

  • Complete knowledge how to prep your skin
  • Learn how to choose right shades of foundation, concealer, corrector of the skin
  • Application of powder blush and liquid blush
  • Application of creme and powder highlight
  • Learn techniques how to make base long lasting
  • Eye brow definition and filling of brows
  • Lashes application
  • How to choose perfect lipstick shade
  • Product knowledge and tools
  • Skin textures and preparation
  • Foundation textures, colour selection and application techniques
  • Concealer and powder techniques
  • Highlighting and contour  techniques
  • Perfect ombré brows
  • Application of blush and powder together
  • How to create the perfect lip and textures of products
  • Safety and hygiene best practices
  • Mature-age makeup
  • The science behind cosmetics
  • Complementary colours
  • Color theory
  • Modern makeup techniques and trends
  • Understanding face and eye shapes
  • Creating a flawless base

Day 1

Daytime makeup looks are generally subtler than evening or nighttime looks, because the natural light of the sun makes heavy makeup jobs more apparent. However, makeup you wear during the day must also be long-lasting without being too thick, and there are a few tips and tricks you can try next time you want to achieve a subtle daytime look with your makeup.

Day 2

Evening makeup looks call for high drama: a bit of shimmer, bright eyes that pop, and bold lips! Dark colours can sometimes be harsh for the day but work well for the evening time Though evening makeup looks can seem difficult to achieve at first, there’s nothing to worry

Day 3

Sunset eyes are an eye-catching makeup look that flaunts orange, pink, gold, and purple shades.

Day 4

Mature skin look

Day 5

Nude Makeup

While the name might indicate a bare face, the Instagram-catapulted nude makeup trend features neutral makeup tones (think: colours in the beige, tan and light brown family, sometimes with peachy accents) for the face, eyes and lips. Perfect for all skin tones, nude makeup differs from no-makeup makeup in that it incorporates multiple different finishes in the same neutral family to add dimension to your face
* no need to limit yourself to a monochromatic makeup look, however, feel free to mix a nude lip with a bold eye or a naked eye look with a bold lip. The idea isn’t to look like you’re wearing nothing, but rather nude, tonal makeup. Look for pale beige colors for lighter skin tones and tans and browns for darker skin tones. The key is to find a color family that pairs well with your skin.

Day 6

HD Makeup

  • How to conceal, correct and bright your face
  • Glossy “wet” makeup look
  • In this Session how you the products that I use for this kind of look and also some tips and tricks for the perfect WET look
  • First of all, this kind of make-up it is only recommended for photo shootings because it’s not really long lasting. You have to constantly touch up some areas in order to look great. The key tip is not to use any powder, only cream products

Day 7

Glam Look

* Ethnic Cut crease, Glitter Eye, Glossy LIPS, building colourful cut crease THE advanced level course is ideal for makeup artists who are looking to update their skill set to reflect the growing popularity of the “Instagram perfect” full coverage glam look.

Day 8

Bridal look

Requirements for lessons: All make-up products for the course are provided by the ME. You are welcome to bring your own make-up to show ME how to get the best results.
8 sessions will be on model and you need to bring one model for everyday to practise ❤️❤️or you can do on each other
You will get certification of participation
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